• What outfit combinations can I wear my obi belt with?

    Oh gosh – where we do we start?

    Going outside? Wear over your:

    • Jacket
    • Coat

    Pink suede obi belt worn over jacket

    Leather tie belt worn over lace jacket - our tie belts are great as trench coat replacement belts or with cardigans to add a touch of luxury by having the contrast of leather


    • Long tunics
    • Cute sweaters
    • Cardigan/coatigan
    • Big long scarf worn waistcoat style

    Red obi belt in suede over jacket style cardigan

    Obi style belt in grey suede tied at back over cute cardigan - would also work on short sleeve small jumper

    obi belt website

    The must have belt for:

    • Jumpsuits
    • Summer dresses
    • Maxi dresses
    • Wrap dresses
    • Long tops or shirts

    Gold obi bellt on leather 3" wide belt over navy jumpsuit - jumpsuits / all-in-ones are just begging for an obi belt

    Dresses of course look so much better with a belt - if you have a special occasion to dress up for such as a wedding, the races or a party an obi style belt can give your outfit that something special!

    Ladies with a short waist may want to choose a leather tie belt instead

    Joining separates, tucked in top (any style or sleeve) and:

    • Skirt
    • Trousers
    • Shorts

    Wide belts including the obi wide tie belts are fabulous for joining separates


    Visit www.onceuponabelt.com’s obi page

    obi belt website

    Wide belts worn on various outfits up high or low

    Showing wide belts worn on various outfits up high or low - you can do this with obi belts too

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